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Is starting a family proving to be more difficult than you hoped?

Here at Preconception Health and Chiropractic we know that pregnancy is a result of health, so that’s where we start.

The bottom line is, there are too many factors involved with infertility to make it effective to chase and correct these one by one. Unfortunately, this is currently how most traditional fertility treatments are being done. The search for these factors, or these “problems” alone can be exhausting causing severe stress and devastation in couples. So many couples have undergone multiple expensive and invasive tests and procedures only to end up right back where they started but with less time and less money. In fact, upwards of 30% of couples are even left with a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility” with no real next step to take. At this point most couples have endured not only multiple failed attempts to conceive but also experienced multiple losses. This vicious cycle leaves couples desperate for answers feeling hopeless and confused.

What if you could get out of this vicious cycle or even avoid it all together?

What if there was a way to increase your chances at a natural conception and healthy pregnancy without all of the trial and errors?

I am here to tell you there is a different way.

Our 4-phase preconception program utilizes 8 core essentials to help you create an abundantly healthy body. This program not only supports conception but creates a healthy and sustainable pregnancy resulting in a radiantly healthy baby.

Couples who have been given less than a 3% chance at natural conception have been able to conceive on this program.

Couples who have faced challenges like varicoceles and lack of fallopian tubes have been able to conceive successfully on this program.

Couples who have faced decreased sperm counts, irregular/absent cycles, PCOS, endometriosis…. Have been able to conceive on this program.

This program works because instead of chasing all the different factors that could be playing a part in your inability to conceive, we focus on creating a foundation in which you can.

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Why Preconception?

Not long after graduation I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis. I went from believing I was healthy to having an autoimmune disease. At the time I knew what that meant for me and my future health, but as a woman I also came to learn how it would negatively impact my hormones, future pregnancies, and future children. I also knew that I would be more at risk for post-partum depression and thyroiditis. I knew that it could affect my ability to produce breast milk and breast feed my baby. I knew my baby was at higher risk for developmental issues during pregnancy. I knew that it could make postpartum weight loss a struggle. And because of all of this I knew I needed to do everything in my power to heal so I could change the trajectory of my future. I did not want to feel like a victim to the diagnosis. I wanted to feel strong, healthy, and empowered.

So, I had a choice to make.

I could continue on the path I was on and take on the risks associated with it or I could step up and make the changes I needed to make. I chose to step up. In doing this I realized the most significant impact on my health was changing the way I saw myself and the world around me and it was the implementation of the Schaefer Protocol that got me there. Because of this I became certified, so I could bring this to my community and do this work with you. As a woman who has felt like a victim in her own body, I stand for a world where women feel empowered in their bodies through all walks of life.

Preconception Health

for couples.

“Dr. Nicole is one of the most compassionate, caring people I’ve met! I saw her for postpartum chiropractic care after my first child, then for support and chiropractic care during my second pregnancy to help with hip pain and to work towards my goal of a VBAC. She is supportive, encouraging and always listens to concerns. I highly recommend her!”

Melissa Smith


We have never lived in time with sicker kids or higher infertility rates, and I believe that if we want something different we need to do something different. Our little ones today are suffering from diabetes, auto-immune diseases, cancer, obesity, autism and so many more at higher rates than ever before. What’s worse is most of these are ADULT onset diseases, but they are showing up in our children. So many parents are frustrated and feel hopeless in a system that puts band aids on chronic health conditions for their children leaving them to get sicker over the years only masking the deeper issues. I believe that every single parent does the best they can with what they know. In a country where “quick fixes” have become the norm for health problems it’s hard to really know what health looks like and how to achieve it. This is why when it comes to kiddos I work with couples first, before they become parents. Teaching healthy habits to the parents first gives them the time to learn what they are and how to implement them into their lives. This makes it easier for them to continue to live a healthy life feeling great when they become parents and give them the ability to pass healthy habits down to their children. My hopes in doing this work is that it will result in healthier generations ahead and a hopeful turning point for the future health of our country. Children don’t deserve to be chronically ill. Working on your health prior to becoming parents not only benefits you, but the future health of your child.

For most of you the goal is to conceive, and while we want to help you reach that goal our true path towards that is to focus on your health, because no matter what you have been told or have come to believe, you’re worth it. Conceiving is a product of health, healthy parents with healthy sperm and eggs that are able to come together to build a baby. Conception is normal physiology, this is what we will be working towards with the Schaefer Protocol.

THE Importance of Healthy Cycles

While having a healthy cycle is important for conception, it’s important for a lot of other reasons too. When I was 15 I was put on oral birth control for irregular cycles and acne. At the time I thought it was my only option, no one talked to me about why my cycles could have been irregular or what else I could do. I was told that this would “fix the problem” and it did, kind of. While I did gain normal cycles being on the pill I didn’t realize what it was doing to my body and my hormones. I didn’t realize I wasn’t actually having a period, just a forced bleed without ovulation. Oral birth control contains synthetic hormones that actually stop your body from producing its own. Without knowing that my hormones were vastly important to my health I stayed on birth control for 11 years. While taking a seminar through the ICPA I learned that taking hormonal birth control was much like taking steroids and that it was not good to stay on them long term. It would take half the time off of them that I was on them for my body to re-regulate, this was shocking to me, this meant that it would take me almost 6 years! The moment I left that seminar I stopped taking oral birth control.

Now, getting off of synthetic hormones doesn’t come without a price, at the age of 26 I went through puberty all over again and my body had to relearn how to ovulate and all of the other things that come with it. That’s right, the acne and the mood swings came running back. BUT, this time, I knew it was worth it. It didn’t last long but I will admit I understand why so many young women go on the pill to avoid some of the things that come with puberty. 5 years out from making this decision it has been the best one of my life. I no longer struggle from the things that come with being on synthetic hormones… depression, weight gain and migraines were a few that rang true for me. I also think a lot about the correlation in the rising rates of infertility and use of birth control in young women and I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

I couldn’t help but start to wonder, what if parents and young girls knew there was a better way? Wouldn’t they want to know more?

This is why I have created a program, drug and synthetic hormone free for young girls and women who struggle with their cycles. Struggles could include things like painful periods, irregular periods and absent periods just to name a few. Our cycles are a reflection of our hormonal health and I know that so many women struggle with their bodies and their hormones just like I did. I wish I knew there was a better way, so I didn’t feel betrayed by my body or wonder why it “didn’t work” the way it was supposed to. I wish I knew just how important my cycles were to my overall health and well-being and why it was important that they were healthy and regular. I don’t want our young women looking back wishing they knew too.

It is time to take action…

and celebrate.